The Winter Doldrums


Oh, the doldrums of post-holiday blahness. Oh, the dark mornings, the early nighttimes. The mere glimpse of the sun can create a histamine attack, squinting eyes, the revelation that light has been absent much too much. What to do? Just as mariners of old, we can find ourselves becalmed, almost stuck, if you will. We aren’t moving backwards (though we might a little bit), but we certainly aren’t moving forwards.

Cut Flowers

Cut flowers at Chester Sunday Market

Forget resolutions. Embrace spontaneity. Do not let your credit card bills send you into a downward spiral. But . . . yes, do something!

  • Eat a fresh, green, Vitamin-C filled salad every day
  • Sit in the sun for at least 5 minutes with as much skin showing as you can
  • Take your shoes off and put your feet on the ground (here in Connecticut I would need to find a rock and put a heating pad on top of my poor tootsies for this to work — hey, that might work)
  • Open up Pandora Radio on your computer, smart phone, or tablet and listen to something completely out of character for you.
  • Dance!
  • Buy yourself flowers!!!
  • Sit on the floor and stretch out
  • Read poetry
  • Read poetry aloud!
  • Bring flowers to someone in a nursing home that has no family or visitors and ask them about their childhood
  • Plan a spring garden, flowers, herb and veggies
  • Start some seeds indoors if you are in the south
  • On the hour, every hour you are awake take 10 deep breaths
  • Put out your brightest towels: kitchen, bathroom
  • Go for a walk and really look around you
  • Create something
  • Clean out a closet and give the “stuff” away
  • Tell someone you love them
  • Open the windows and air out your house for 30 minutes — yes, even in the cold climates
  • Write a letter with paper, pen, and an envelope — mail it
  • Forgive someone
  • Forgive yourself
  • Live!!!

Do something. Enjoy something. Create something. Inhale. Exhale. Live and enjoy.


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