Snowy Railroad – Connecticut


Driving home from taking the boys to school I was taken with the sky. It was brilliant blue even as the sun was just rising. Of course, my camera was at home so I snapped a couple of pictures with my phone but they were terrible as we would expect. So I decided to head over to Eagles Landing State Park in Haddam, CT and photograph one of my favorite subjects: the railway facing Goodspeeds Station Country Store. The sun was very bright but my camera was able to handle it without washing out. These are the best of the pics I took. The only problem I had was being able to see the screen on the camera. I need to get a black umbrella for working in bright light just so I can better compose the photos.

Snowy Railroad

Snowy Railroad

Tenacious weed

Tenacious weed

Railway facing south from Haddam, CT

Facing South from Haddam, CT

East Haddam Swing Bridge

Haddam, CT – Swing Bridge


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  1. really beautiful shots — i love railroad tracks so much, and the sound of a train passing by. they both make me feel so wistful. i’m glad the blue skies caught your heart.


    • Yes, that blue sky took my breath away. We don’t get to see a big sky much here in Connecticut because we are mostly surrounded by trees. They are everywhere. So when I get to see the sky that blue and that big I just drink it in.


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