Great Gardening Blogs & Resources


I would like to highlight some great gardening websites and blogs today. If you know of great gardening blogs please share them in the comments below. Have a wonderful Tuesday everyone!

Cultivator's Corner

Cultivator’s Corner

Cultivator’s Corner: One Girl. One Big Garden.
1-acre garden in Chicago? Yessiree! Gardening how-tos, videos, photos, and articles.

Soil Can Reduce Anxiety
I found this great post on how gardening and organisms in the soil can reduce anxiety. There are so many beneficial organisms in that soil, and they can benefit the people who work that soil in amazingly positive ways.

Living the Frugal Life

Living the Frugal Life

Living the Frugal Life
Homesteading in a residential neighborhood on less than an acre of land. /

Growing Potatoes in Buckets caught my eye as well as the post on pasturing rabbits.

Maria's Farm Country Kitchen

Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen

Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen
Maria’s amazing website full of great information on organic gardening and then how to cook those yummy vegetables up into amazing dishes.

Dissecting Our Health: Is gardening and farming just chemistry (adding the right chemicals at the right time) or is it biology with soil health and the long-term condition of the soil and surrounding areas being central?

Rodale: Healthy Living

Rodale: Healthy Living

Rodale: Where Health Meets Life
And the organization that has represented healthy living for decades

5 Ways to Create an Organic Garden on the Cheap
Most of us cannot afford expensive raised beds, fancy containers or organic compoast.

Victory Garden on PBS

Victory Garden on PBS

Victory Garden on PBS
I own the Victory Garden Cookbook that was a thoughtful gift from my stepmother. It is one of my favorite cookbooks and even Paula Deen would approve (it is not politically correct or low fat).

Summer Fruits
If you haven’t tried them, how about planting a summer fruit bush in your garden — there’s no beating gooseberry pie!


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  1. This is a fantastic post. I am always looking for new gardening related blogs and this fits the bill perfectly. Thank you for taking the time and effort to put them all in one place for us. Debb.


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