I AM . . . HAPPY!

Forced forsythia branches in winter

Forced forsythia branches in winter 2004

I have posted a couple of pictures on Facebook of the forsythia branches that I cut and brought into the house to force. They are coming to life and promising spring color within days. So yesterday I decided to cut some branches from my pear tree to force as well. Lest any of you picture me as a poorer Martha Stewart, I headed outside wearing my pajamas and slipper boots, three cats and one dog as my entourage, armed with my new loppers.

Leaving the house through the workshop entrance (didn’t want to get my slipper boots muddy) I looked over at my pear tree in the back yard and realized that there was a slight problem: there was no path through the snow to that tree. After the 2 feet of snow we got during Winter Storm Charlotte/Nemo, we still had at least 8-10 inches of frozen, compacted snow on the ground and hills of shoveled snow around the driveway. I was feeling brave, though, so I found the lowest spot to traverse and climbed over a small hill of snow to enter the back yard. That pear tree was less than 20 feet away but I was wearing my slipper boots — we are talking almost no traction here.

I took two steps and crunched through the snow. Every other step I took I went down a few inches. Although I typically fear falling and breaking something in the process I was fearless yesterday. I had flowers dancing around in my head and was not to be deterred from my quest.

Forcing forsythia branches

Forcing forsythia branches

A few more steps, a few more breaks here and there and I arrived at my tree. Two of the cats circled the tree and the dog just danced around wondering what in the world I was doing. One of the cats, TJ of the snowstorm photo fame, immediately climbed into the tree and decided we were out there for his entertainment alone. He positioned himself in the main fork of the tree and started grabbing around the trunk trying to get me with his claws. He was having a blast. I was trying to keep my footing while spying out potential branches for cutting. I couldn’t resist playing with TJ and started playfully grabbing his paws with one hand while holding the loppers in the other. After a few seconds I lost my footing and landed on my backside. A year ago I would have been aghast and afraid. Yesterday I looked up at TJ and laughed. I laughed that I was out in the snow in my PJs. I laughed that I had new loppers that worked. I laughed that my pets loved me so much that they followed me into the snow and kept me company. I laughed that the sun was shining and I was not the least bit hurt by my fall. I laughed because I was happy. I AM happy!!!


I did get my pear branches into the house and in water. They will be a part of my upcoming blog post on forcing shrub cuttings for spring color during late winter. Stay tuned . . .


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  1. I very nearly cried at the end of this post, that last paragraph just filled my heart with so much happiness. Your happiness is hard-earned, well-deserved, and shared by those who love you. xo


    • Thank you, Lori. It was so funny as I was writing this I had no idea that I felt such happiness until I reached the end, wrote those last few sentences and then it just came out. Thank you for sharing my happiness.


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