My summer fantasy — dreaming amidst the snow


If I could do anything I wanted, and had all the money I needed, what would I do?

Hit the road, go exploring

Hit the road, go exploring

I would buy a smallish medium-sized RV, pack up some of my sewing stuff including at least two portable sewing machines, one electric and one hand cranked, my knitting supplies, my laptop, my Kindle, my cameras and gear, my kitty Boots, and my boys. I would head out across the country, from the east coast to the west. I would tow a compact car such as a Honda Civic (or something comparable), our bicycles, hiking gear, and anything else we might need to go exploring. I would spend at least two months driving back roads while exploring our beautiful land, meeting its amazing people, and capturing it all with my camera and laptop.

I would photograph, write, knit, and sew, but only if and when I felt like it. I would eat simple foods, do lots of grilling, and I would coordinate our trip so that I could stop at a farmer’s market each weekend for fresh, organic produce. I would enjoy a glass of wine with every dinner (because I can afford wine in my fantasy), or a delicious beer or ale (because I can afford beer and ale).

Near the end of the summer I would head south and land in the Texas Hill Country to stay. I would park my RV in my mom’s driveway until I could find a place of my own, hopefully a piece of land where I could garden and keep some livestock.

And I would continue my education. And I would continue writing. And I would be content knowing that my kids and I had seen a part of the US we hadn’t seen before. If I could do anything I wanted, and had all the money I needed, this is what I would do. What would you do?


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