June Garden Update – Part 1


Been very busy and finally over my Lyme flare-up. Feeling good, energetic, and virtually no pain. So my garden got a lot of attention the past few days.

Driveway area:

Five tomato plants in grow bags (I still have a few more to plant here). They have taken off and a couple of them already have buds forming. This spot gets a lot of sunlight and heat which was the plan.



Terraced garden also gets a lot of warm morning and a bit of afternoon sunlight. Starting on the left is Aichi Chinese cabbage going to seed, tomato plants, onions and behind those broccoli plants. In the second level is the lettuce patch which we have been thoroughly enjoying. I cut the lettuce leaves off of the plants and do not pull them out for a continuous harvest. In the front are Dwarf bok choy going to seed and onions. In the third and lowest level is one large tomato plant, cilantro, Dwarf bok choy (going to seed), onions and a single basil plant.


Driveway container full of very lively oregano which came back from last year. I just cut all of that back and have a lot of it in the dehydrator as I type this. There are three black bean plants behind the oregano that can now get enough sunlight to grow.


Backyard garden:

Early wonder beets (moved from another bed that was being attacked by moles) now thriving on the perimeter, large leaved plants are sugar pumpkins, and in the center are ground cherry plants (fruits taste like candy).


Garlic bed with a baby Dwarf Siberian kale plants (lower right corner), onions, garlic, and spinach. In grow bags, the potatoes are vigorous. One more layer of soil and then I will just let them grow.


Green and yellow squash plants are taking off with Anaheim peppers near the center. On the trellis, the snow peas are doing well. Potatoes in grow bags on the right.


Tomato plants in grow bags between the raised beds. These two plants have flower buds already. Can’t wait for home grown tomatoes.


Bean teepee has turned out to be a favorite spot for Maya, our Tibetan spaniel. The grass was supposed to be trimmed by my son but he missed it. I pressed the grass down with my feet and now Maya loves to go in there whenever she is outside and roll around in the cool, green grass. From the left are Romano green beans, pickling cucumbers and dill, and Suyo long cucumbers (which are heavenly).


Wild highbush blueberries are loaded. I can’t wait! I have my netting standing by. I leave one of the bushes for the birds and the rest are for us.


Pears are abundant and about 3/4″ now. It is almost time to start thinning the fruit.

Ground cherry, yellow peppers, eggplant, parsley and basil.


Front garden:

Bed closest is growing pickling cucumbers on the ends, black beans on the outside and Strawberry popcorn in the center. Middle bed has yellow pear cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes and leeks. Farthest bed has from the left, oregano, onions, Swiss chard, broccoli, Dwarf bok choy, red cabbage, and German chamomile.


My homemade structure is made from pear branches and twine which will provide support for the 6 plum tomato plants and 6 yellow pear cherry tomato plants, both indeterminate types which grow and grow all summer. I will run string when the plants get a little taller.


Broccoli plants are doing well in this spot, though the Dwarf bok choy is a favorite for insects. The red cabbage has started heading up but will probably bolt soon. Dwarf bok choy seedlings and Swiss chard (which is just not growing at all).


Black beans on the outside, Strawberry popcorn in the center, and pickling cucumbers on the ends of this bed. The beans are outgrowing the popcorn so I will need to build a trellis for the bean plants. I had to resow most of the popcorn after the dog decided to dig here (she is not allowed outside unsupervised anymore). The beans are an experiment and will fix nitrogen to the soil even if I don’t get a lot of beans. The Strawberry popcorn is for fun. I sure hope I get a few tiny, red ears.


That is what is going on in my garden right now.


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  1. Hello Connecticut homesteader! I have a dumb question! Should I pinch off the first little buds I see on my tomatoes? I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m really really looking forward to tomatoes this year.


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