So many drafts, so little time


Black-eyed susans

Black-eyed susans

In the middle of August, my summer ended. It was time to not only get my two school-aged sons (17 and 13) ready for school, I had details to deal with regarding my own second semester of college. In this time, I started several blog posts which never saw the light of day. They just stay in virtual WordPress-land, in limbo, never being given the breath of life. And although this makes me a little sad, I am not sorry that I took the time to write them. Writing needs to just happen. I am learning this. When inspiration hits, if I am not near a computer, I have learned to pull out my smart phone and tap my Voice Recorder app, and just start talking away. I hate the sound of my own voice, so this isn’t pleasurable, but it is necessary. I come up with some of the best ideas for blog posts while driving to and from school, and since I don’t drag my laptop to school with me, I am left with two choices: pull over and attempt to write by hand the thoughts bouncing around in my head, or start that voice recorder app and just start talking. I choose the latter because writing by hand is laborious for me: I type 60-80 wpm so writing by hand feels like using a hammer and chisel in a block of stone.

I have started blog posts on the end of summer, early fall weather (which was a tease because the following week we had a heat wave), a visual guide to knitting socks, on being a hero to others, Silence, a poem I wrote about my years of submitting to an emotionally abusive husband and a couple of others that date back months. I may or may not ever publish these posts, but I needed to write them. Blogging isn’t just about being seen (photography) and heard (using my voice). Blogging is about expressing oneself, first of all, for oneself and, secondly, for others. Man, that is a lot of commas, but I think I got them all in their proper places. Just for fun, let’s see what that sentence would look like with no commas:

Blogging is about expressing oneself first of all for oneself and secondly for others.

I envision a robot voice on the sentence sans commas. Sorry, I am having a bad morning physically and cognitively, so I am going with the flow of my brain.

I guess I just wanted to say, “I am still here, but very busy right now.”

I am looking yearningly at my camera every day now, and ideas for blog posts are coming faster, so I will be resuming my weekly posts as soon as I can. And, yes, I need to publish at least one more garden post as things are winding down here (again, that camera needs to jump into my hands).

Hope all of you are having a wonderful fall so far.


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  1. I do exactly the same thing, every detail. Lots of draft posts possibly forever unpublished, brilliant ideas (well, maybe) when I’m driving around or taking my walk, and lots of dictation. That’s so funny. But OH how I agree with you that it’s the writing of those things that is most important. Publishing them is too, because you never know just what bit of light they might shine in someone’s life, but it’s the writing of them that is more important. I’m so glad you write.


    • Thank you for the validation. Those “Drafts” in that red text used to bother me, but I am learning to enjoy the process of writing as with everything else in my life. It is the process that matters the most. I am so glad that you write, too, Lori. I read every one of your blog posts even though I often don’t have take time to comment (or feel that I have anything worth saying on the subject because you say it so well).


      • That used to bug me too, the red text (still does, a little), but I can’t tell you how many times they’ve come in so handy. I’ll write something and think it’s dumb, too lightweight (or something) so just save it as a draft, hoping to make more of it later. Then I’ll hit a busy period, or a mind-blank period, and feel anxious that I need a post — so I riffle through the drafts and see that at least one was much better than I thought at the time. So it kind of feels like a savings account now, or something. 🙂 I read all over the place and rarely comment, so I am always shocked when anyone actually stops and comments — and boy, are you busy!


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