I was married to a dogmatic man for 25 years. It was pure hell. Then after he left I discovered that I tend towards dogmatism myself (two dogmatic people attempting to live together with different belief systems is a recipe for disaster). Ouch. I guess living with me was pure hell, too.

I am a Christian, sort of. I have recently rejected the organized church as having any validity in relation to the spiritual life of man because it is an institution that is focused on a religion, a set of basic rules and regulations that men and women, and their poor children, must conform or they are “out!” The focus of religious organizations is validating their own belief systems over and over and over again. I reject this as the focus of what Jesus lived and died for. I believe He came because He loved. He came to rescue people from religion, from darkness, from having no hope. Jesus loved. If you pay close attention and read about his life, you will discover that he loved more than anything else. He also despised the religious leaders of his time. He was disgusted with them. Jesus loved, and He saw that imposing a bunch of rules and regulations upon hurting people did not help those people at all, but hurt them terribly. He especially despised the Pharisees. Those guys were dogmatic. Love and dogmatism are not compatible.

Now, let’s look at our current political climate here in the United States. We have the dogmatic Democrats claiming the moral high ground and we have the dogmatic Republicans laying seige to Washington. The Democrats have food, water, and the walls of the Capital to keep them in power for now. The Republicans have just enough control to squeeze the Democrats, to make life extremely uncomfortable for them while at the same time they must know that they will not win the prize, will not tear down the walls, will not get the Democrats to surrender. These two dogmatic groups are going head to head, and neither one of them will blink first. Their principles are at risk. Their ideology is being challenged. Their goals are being hindered. Their . . . it is all about them. I sure hope not one Democrat or one Republican citizen really believes that their party cares about them as an individual citizen, as a person of value. The day I realized that the Federal government of the United States of American is just a huge machine, without a soul, without feelings, without a conscience, was the day I became free of political dogma. Okay, I still lean to the right (I know, can you believe that???), but I know for a fact that the right has it wrong. And I know for a fact that the left has it wrong, too. What would happen if they worked together, threw out the corporate sponsors, listened to the people and did what was right? Oh my gosh, they might begin to make progress, the kind of progress that would give us a glimmer of hope for the future. Do I believe this will happen? Good grief, no! Because these men and women are dogmatic, and their constituents are dogmatic, and there is money to be made for the big corporations.

What would happen if the people threw out dogma? What would happen? Could this country change from the individual deciding that they would stop name-calling and critically assess each issue? Oh, this is called grassroots governing. It has never happened in the US, or anywhere that I know of, but what if?

Are you willing to give up dogma? By the way, I believe the root of dogma is fear. Chew on that for a bit.

Interested in what dogma is and how it might be affecting you? Here is a FAQ for a book that is very interesting:
What’s So Wrong with Being Absolutely Right?

Okay, this is hilarious! Leave it to the DSM folks to come up with a “disorder” that addresses those with strong beliefs:
Bias disorder

How about the whole situation in Washington DC being labeled as a False Dilemma? This is how I categorize it myself.
False Dilemma


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