What I Won’t Grow This Year


I planted a lot of different varieties of veggies this past spring and summer, experimenting, working on adapting varieties to my particular location, collecting seeds and learning. Gardening is very much about learning. I know people who have their tried and true choices that they grow every year. They are smart gardeners and see a lot of success. I have made a decision on what will definitely be in my garden this year and what will not. I will again be growing some new varieties so that I can further learn how to grow corn, beans (green and dried), onions and potatoes. I did not plant garlic this past fall, and I will probably regret that. I might plop a few cloves in the ground the next time it warms up a bit, but I won’t be dedicating as much space to garlic only because I don’t think my garden got enough sunlight for large heads. I will still be trying to get my son and his friend to take down some trees over the winter so that in the spring more sunlight reaches my raised beds.

What I will not be growing this year:

Cocozelle de Napoli zucchini squash: huge plants and few fruits. What I did manage to harvest had little flavor. Thumbs down.

Finally seeing some fruit on the Cocozelle Di Napoli squash plants

Finally seeing some fruit on the Cocozelle Di Napoli squash plants

San Marzano paste tomatoes: virtually no flavor and very little fruit. These take up a lot of space, trickle to ripeness because they are indeterminate, and are just not worth it. Thumbs down.

San Marzano plum tomatoes.  Produced a lot but were not tasty or meaty.

San Marzano plum tomatoes. Produced a lot but were not tasty or meaty.

Strawberry popcorn: Not because there is anything wrong with this variety, but it produced a very small ear of popcorn (which is what it is supposed to do). I want to grown sweet corn for salsa and canning. My boys love sweet corn so I will be planting one intensive patch of 72 plants in a very small space. I will also fertilize at the right time and be very careful of the surface roots when pulling weeds.

First strawberry popcorn ear forming

First strawberry popcorn ear forming

Black Beauty Eggplant: I grew it, and it produced well, but by the time it was ready for harvest school had started (for me) and I didn’t have the time to prepare it. I did learn that it grows very well here in CT in partial shade, a huge surprise. I grew Black Beauty and mine grew huge. I do want to try one of the smaller, longer varieties, so I might plant a couple of plants in my terraced bed.

First eggplant flower

First eggplant flower

These are my definite “not going to grow again” for a variety of reasons. I will be compiling my list of what I will be growing this week as I need to order a few seeds (I saved a lot of seeds this year so I will not need to purchase them).

Stay warm in this winter wonderland, folks. Happy Gardening!


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  1. I just got the Seed Savers Exchange catalog yesterday and I’m having fun reading it and thinking about the spring. Lots of things to try… I tend to avoid eggplant because we just don’t love it. Might try some popcorn this year? and some other interesting things. Definitely the red brussels sprouts!


    • I have just begun reading through my seed catalogs. I will be making a list and writing a post on what I plan to grow this year. I learned so much last year that I am hoping this year will be much more productive. Can’t wait to see what this year brings us in the garden!


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