The gift of insomnia


Sweater I am working on now is a cardigan version of this pattern

Sweater I am working on now is a cardigan version of this pattern

Okay, insomnia stinks. Mostly it is not good at all. Occasionally, though, it has its benefits. I live in a household with many people coming and going, living, eating, watching stuff, using the computer, and just being present — that breathing. It is not quiet except in the early morning which is MY time. Since giving up Facebook (except to check daily to see if my daughter has messaged me) I, of course, have more time to do other things. But my poor brain is not working well in the executive functioning department the past week or three due to chronic, daily headaches. I wake up multiples times each night with headaches, wake up in the morning with headaches, and spend hours every day trying to get a headache to go away so I can function. It is tough getting anything done with headaches every day. But not this morning.

I woke up at 2:49 a.m. to the sound of rain, heavy rain. I could not go back to sleep. The interesting thing is that I had fallen asleep thinking about all of the unfinished projects that need completion. When I woke up early this morning I had one project in my head that I just couldn’t decide how I was going to finish (there are several options, and I couldn’t make up my mind). I jumped out of bed, turned on my new Ott-Lite (thanks Nick and Beth — best gift EVER), and starting seaming a toddler sweater I was making for my oldest granddaughter. Before I knew it I had both sides and sleeves completed and was picking up the stitches along the bottom for the garter stitch edge. And then it was 6:20 a.m. I had woven almost all of the loose threads into the work, sewn on two of the buttons and was very close to completing this sweater. A few more hours and it will be finished (I still want to extend the sleeve length like I did with my other granddaughter’s sweater so that the sleeves can be rolled up or down for longer wear, and add the five other buttons. A quick wash and dry and it will be done. And when I finish this I will get back to my daughter-in-law’s Christmas gift — a custom-designed item that is reteaching me advanced sewing techniques.

I will need a nap, but I am so glad that I went with the flow today and just got up and worked on this project. I am also glad that I didn’t put anything on to watch while knitting like I usually do (Netflix or on-demand or DVD). I just completely focused on the sweater and thought my own thoughts for a few hours. I am extremely foggy-headed, as I have been for weeks with these headaches, but I can knit and do a little baking.

Insomnia has its benefits. Making lemonade here.

Polly-Mac Brother-Sister Sweater Pattern that I knitting using Knit-Col yarn, DK weight merino wool yarn and US Size 5 needles (pattern calls for 6 but I knit loosely).


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    • I agree that getting things done can certainly help feel better all around. Hoping for that. Less stress, fewer headaches. Also trying to stay hydrated and even taking pain reliever when it is just too bad (I try to avoid pain relievers).


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