Garden Journal


Multiple female flowers on cucumber vines

Multiple female flowers on cucumber vines

This blog is my garden journal. I can look back over the past three years and read about when I planted certain crops, consider whether I should make adjustments to planting times, seed starting dates, and crop placement (I practice crop rotation since I have three separate garden spaces). I use the search feature all the time when I need information on a certain topic that I remember writing something about.

If you don’t feel like blogging your garden experiences there are plenty of free and affordable resources available.

Printable Garden Journal.

Typically, I avoid anything that is located on but this is pretty cool. Printable, your choice of color or black and white sheets that you customize for your needs and place within a 3-ring binder. I was impressed by the square foot garden worksheet, garden tracker and more.

Meadow frittilary, I believe

Meadow frittilary, I believe

Handmade Garden Journals.

For the artistic gardener who enjoys creating beautiful things with paper crafts, this blog post has some really creative ideas. So for the stamping and/or scrapbooking gardener, this might be a wonderful project to undertake during the cold months while waiting for spring.

2014 Almanack Downloadable Garden Journal.

A sheet to record garden events for each month and a calendar that includes the moon cycle and planting times. Looks like an excellent resource to create your own garden journal.

First coneflower about to open

First coneflower about to open

Terroir Seeds Printable Garden Journal.

Another very pretty printable garden journal. Garden planning, planting records, notes by month and more, all in a pretty package.

If you don’t want anything as fancy as a color garden journal you can simply use a spiral-bound notebook, any size you like, and write down what you plant and when, when you fertilize and with what, how much certain varieties yield, pests, diseases, successes and failures.

Make a list of things to do and create a simple calendar to help you stay organized. You will make a lot of mistakes the first few years. I have been gardening for decades and still make mistakes because I push my limits and grow veggies that are new to me (being transplanted from the south to the north required that I relearn gardening).

Terraced garden space

Terraced garden space

You might want to grow easy crops the first couple of years and add one or two new crops each year as you gain confidence. Gardening is a therapeutic, almost magical experience. Just pulling a few weeds and putting your hands in the dirt is worth the effort of having a garden. You are getting fresh air, sunshine, building better soil, learning new skills, and if you get to pop a fresh tomato into your mouth along the way you might think you have died and gone to heaven. It is all worth the effort.

Happy Gardening!

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