Christmas Projects – Part 1 – Knitted Ornaments


As most of us discover who make gifts to give as Christmas presents, we usually run out of time and end up with promises of a gift to come in January then into February, then we might end up buying a gift instead. I do everything slowly, and the idea that I can make gifts for everyone on my list is impractical. That said, I have decided that I will work on projects throughout the year starting in March. Why not January? Because I am playing catch-up right now and need to get well into my coursework.

Free pattern etiquette: Take the time to thank the pattern creators for their hard work and effort in not only creating a pattern but for making it available to YOU for free. Do NOT resell free patterns OR sell items made from free patterns unless it is allowed by the pattern creator. If you are not sure, contact the pattern creator and ask permission. All work created by an individual is copyrighted automatically. Unless a pattern is found in a book that is public domain, assume that what is printed is copyrighted. If you can, share a link in your blog or reblog one of their posts (if permissable) giving all credit to the creator.

Here are some ideas (and free patterns) that I found:

Knitted Santa Hat Christmas Ornament Pattern. This is so cute!

Mitten Ornament Pattern. Using worsted weight yarn, I like this pattern because the thumb sticks out (as opposed to typical mitten pattern).

Partridge in a Pear Tree Patterns. PDF. These are beautiful.

Noel Sweater Ornament Pattern. PDF. These are adorable and should knit up quickly from stash yarn and scraps.

Crochet Cupcakes and Sushi Ornament Pattern. I crochet much faster than I knit. I think I might need to make a bunch of these cute cupcakes as gifts. I could see these as a baby shower gift tree decoration.

Mini-Sweater Ornament Pattern. I love the cabled design.

Robin’s Nest Felted Ornament Pattern. This is too cute! I think this would be a great project for kids, especially if mom or dad knits the nest and the kids needle felt the eggs.

Crocheted Birds Pattern. Not in English, however, there is a chart showing which crochet stitches are used for each piece of the final bird.

Easter Peeps Pattern that can easily be adjusted to make other types of birds with pointy beaks as ornaments. Pattern includes instructions on making an Easter Bunny as well.

Sebastian Snowman Pattern. Yes! Was not finding a free snowman pattern. This one is adorable.

Free Knitting Patterns from Little Cotton Rabbits. Little Cotton Rabbits’ patterns are adorable, so much so that I might break down and buy the basic rabbit pattern, although that fox pattern looks cute, too. These patterns are free, however, for home and gifting, not for sale.

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