Twas the day after Valentine’s . . .


. . . and all through the house
the furnace was roaring, sleep
eluded Mama and mouse.
His tiny black eyes peaked out
from his hole, hoping that
the kitties were clueless,
sleeping, not on patrol.
Quiet at last, only squeeks
to lull asleep, mouse tiptoed
out to find nibbles to eat.
An eye pops open, only one
out of ten, and mouse with an Eek!
rushes back to his den.
No nibbles or kibble for him
this long night, as kitty pretends
sleep with one eye alight. Mama
taps away at WordPress yawning,
soon sleeping again before day
begins dawning. Good night and
good morning, to all my good friends,
while to bed I must go,
Sandman’s sand he does send.

Middle of the night ramblings by an insomniac.

Copyright 2014 Michele Haynes. All rights reserved.

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