New Blog


Sunday morning while my sons were with their dad at some church I wrote a scathing post that I never published. I then wrote another slightly less scathing post that I did publish. I wrote another post today that is following a new theme in my writings that doesn’t quite fit the theme of this blog which was originally designed to help people become GMO free.

So, as these words rattle around in my head in what I feel is a battle cry of sorts, I created a new blog to house and publish these vents, challenges to religious thinking, rantings and ravings that are a big part of my healing process (which might possibly help someone else along the way who is struggling will similar issues).

Here you go:

Breaking Taboos

Why the name? Because it is taboo for a woman to speak against her husband in Christian culture. Because women suffer oppression due to this taboo. I am breaking taboo just talking about what I have gone through over the past 25 years. In the modern age we have an awful lot of taboos that keep women oppressed. It is time to start breaking taboos and seeing real change.


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