Ovid under the influence of new age Mozart


I am reading Book 1 of Ovid’s Metamorphoses — loved the chapter on The Creation. Attempting to drown out Top Gear in the living room on the home theater system, I logged in to Pandora Radio and chose Mozart, putting on my 20 year old’s very nice headphones. Just Mozart (because it reputed to stimulate brain activity and my brain activity was lingering close to a coma).

Nothing interesting is playing for the first 45 minutes of reading (and extensive note taking on the computer because I can’t remember a darn thing that I read) when suddenly I hear a familiar Mozart song that is not quite normal. As the song continues I click the Pandora tab in Nightly and see the name of the song as “Pachelbel Meets U2” by Jon Schmidt. I got goose bumps as I listened to this song. Now his album, Winter Serenade is in my Amazon wishlist. And just so you can all enjoy this song as well, here is a YouTube link. It gets so amazing at around 1:45.

Pachelbel Meets U2 by Jon Schmidt

Pachelbel Meets U2 by Jon Schmidt

A little giddy around here because we got NO snow!!! Yay!!!!!!!! Hope you enjoy this song as much as I did. Back to Ovid I go.


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  1. I adore pachelbel cannon in D…one of my personal faves. 🙂 im hoping your having a great day. It would be a great day for me if you’d come and help me shovel snow…bring a shovel…lol


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