Nonverbal communication


I will be the first to admit that I listen intently to words and work very hard to understand and interpret their meanings. I love words.

And then there is my 20 year old Asperger son. He can be nonverbal. He is not nonverbal all the time; sometimes, if he has had enough coffee, he is a chatterbox and I wish he would stop talking. When he is not in the mood to talk, though, he will indicate with a movement what he wants. To many people this can be irritating, and I know for me to stop what I am doing and try to interpret what in the world he is trying to tell me can be frustrating.

Yesterday I had been on my laptop all day long doing homework, writing and scouring the news along with doing some research ending with time listening to Whole Earth Summit speakers — I was tired. I told my son that I wanted to use the desktop computer for a bit to play a computer game; I can play and watch my shows online because we have dual monitors. This is my escape — I chat with a couple of friends as well, my online social time.

I was waiting for the computer to become available when I looked up and saw this:

2014-03-11 17.51.37

Earlier that day my son had connected the desktop computer to our TV in the living room so he could sit and “watch” some music play on a graphic display. He was noticing how the cello looks similar to a human voice except for some slight differences. He also explained the limitations of mp3 format vs. wave format with the latter allowing the full range of sound; mp3 cuts off the top range after a certain point.

So… I had been watching my two sons’ activity on the desktop computer all afternoon. I laughed when I saw the note that I could get on that computer, captured it with my phone and had to share. Communication happens in many different ways.


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