Aran knitting


Charlotte is an expert Aran knitter. She makes exquisite shawls, sweaters and afghans. Yesterday, she graciously agreed to custom design a shawl pattern just for me so that I could learn this lovely knitting style. Three hours flew by as though it was nothing. Did I mention that she gave me two servings of her amazing and not-so-low-calorie carrot cake? Best I have ever tasted, EVER!

She did put together a shawl pattern for me, and I have that ready to go. But I wanted to practice the cable cast on and play around with something simpler before diving into that larger, much more complicated project. I started a scarf using a gorgeous Mushishi I had in my stash. And I was so proud of myself for creating the pattern using a Tree of Life design Charlotte copied from a magazine, a simple cable, and a very simple edge design. Here is my pattern with spaces to keep track of my rows.

Simple Aran scarf I designed with first repetition completed and the second begun

Simple Aran scarf I designed with first repetition completed and the second begun

This project will be one that I work on through spring so that I can have it for cold weather next fall. Here is the Ravelry project page for this project which includes two versions of the Aran Tree of Life stitch pattern, an 8 row repeat that is 22 or 20 stitches wide.

Aran Shawl Plans

I have since decided to make a wall hanging first because the yarn I have is just not soft enough to be near the skin; it is a wool, cotton and silk blend. It does, however, create excellent definition for Aran designs. I might change my mind after I start the project and continue on to make a shawl, but I have my eye on some 100% wool yarn that I hope to save up to purchase in the next few months.

Now to get back to some of my scheduled projects for this week.


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  1. Glad your having a great time…aran is my definate fave. Wish I was in the lil aran circle…getting a little weepy here…lmao


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