Astir, Trees Kindle


A few days ago the wind was roaring through the trees, whipping them into a frenzy. I had a vision of wood nymphs singing to and then shaking the trees, finally yelling at them, telling them it was time to wake up and emerge from their long sleep. In love with Tolkien, I then imagined the trees sleepily whispering to the impatient nymphs to calm down, be patient, and that spring will come if they only wait a little longer. This poem was inspired by that brief imagining.

Astir, Trees Kindle

by Michele Haynes

In spring, Aurai sing,
“Wake up, wake up!”
They yell, shake and
Threaten the trees.

There is naught to fear,
Whisper the woods,
“We will awaken, paint
Verdure and vermillion.”

Boughs creeping outward,
Upward, lifting bare arms.
Desperately seeking Sol,
Astir, trees kindle.

Breathe, sway, dance, tall
Winter sentinels ignite, burn.
Stained with Luminance,
Now awash with life.

Aurai trill delight in
Surrender to terra’s force.
Eyes closed, faces upturned.
Soughing ecstasy. Rapture!

Copyright 2014 by Michele Haynes. All rights reserved.


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