Do Not Disturb


I am hanging this virtual sign on my virtual door.
do not disturb
I have a research paper to write, a response paper to revise, and research to begin on another paper this weekend. I also need to have a good draft of at least one article for the college newspaper completed by class time Monday.

I have had difficulty focusing the past week due to so many appointments, responsibilities, carting kids around, not feeling well, and attempting to deal with entirely too many issues with too few resources at my disposal. Oh, and there is spring fever. I want to go dig in my garden on these warm, pretty days (it is torture that I can’t).

So I am hanging out my Do Not Disturb sign and hoping for no phone calls, no emails, and few distractions this weekend as I attempt to get my brain into the frame of mind required to get this work done. If I come up for air and post something on one of my blogs, it is because I had to deal with that thought before diving back into scholastic endeavors (it wouldn’t go away unless I wrote about it — this happens to me a lot); that is not an invitation to social interaction. I am in my cave and need to stay here until I accomplish my To Do List basics.

Thanks for understanding.


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