Dressing up


As a little girl I loved to dress up in pretty clothes and pretend I was a princess going to the ball. My fairy godmother was my stepmother in real life who generously gave my sister and I some of the prettiest cast-offs any girl could ask for. When I was in high school I often wore dresses because I loved feeling feminine. I have always loved being a women (well, almost always), loved everything feminine, and even loved lace and frills.

As my babies came along I became so practical that I created a simple uniform of two or three pairs of dark slacks, some t-shirts, and a couple of dresses, one or two medium-dressy, and the rest for every day. I still like dresses but don’t wear them anymore — it is just too cold here in Connecticut.

Today as I was pulling some of my dressier clothes out of my closet, I got a little thrill that had been missing for so many years. I am going to an event, and I am to be part of its focus. I am thrilled. I am surprised at my excitement. Yesterday I was dreading the energy it would take to get ready today, but I am smartly taking all day to prepare.

My boys will dress up in their best, too, and see their mom honored for a small accomplishment. I hope they are proud. I am just happy to be attending a function where there will be professional people, as in college president and deans, along with a founder and other faculty and administration, where I get to dress up and feel pretty (pretty is so very subjective, you know).

I will be remembering this feeling as I provide my grandchildren with dress-up clothes, too. I want them to enjoy make-believe, feeling pretty, or handsome, experiencing how a costume can change one’s perception about oneself, even if for a short time.

Maybe they will grow up to participate in LARP or Renaissance festivals. Maybe they will be purely geekish and stick with super heroes. Whichever direction they go in, I hope they feel free to know that they can escape from the everyday hum-drum of life and experience some magic by just dressing up!


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  1. I use to be the queen of dressup. Without it I would walk like im pushing a plow…sooo manly. When I would dress up there would be such a transformation that I would almost be unrecognisible as I glide across the floor like a proper lady. Use to love it…everything in place. Well unfortunately its not like that for me anymore. I miss that yet im still happy being me. 🙂


    • By the time we were friends, we were past the dress-up stage, but my friends loved to come over when I was in elementary school because we had the best clothes ever. After reading your comment I then thought of the motto that I actually live by: “Well-behaved women rarely make history!” So we shall celebrate that we don’t regularly glide across the floor like proper ladies. We are too busy raising hell (in our own fairly quiet, middle-aged way) to be well-behaved or proper. 🙂


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