New England Tree Adventures


There is a saying here that Connecticut grows two things: trees and rocks. I can attest that both are in abundance.

I heard a knock at my front door a bit ago, and there was my neighbor asking me if I knew there was a tree across both of our driveways. Well, no, I didn’t. I was shocked.

I have been on the computer working on projects since 5:30 a.m. There was not even a flicker to the lights all morning. I still have internet, too. No interruption of service so far at all.

But there it is: a 40-foot tree hanging from the power lines, blocking the driveways.

I already called to report the situation to CL&P. Then I called my son’s school to inform him that he must skip track this afternoon as I probably wouldn’t be able to get out to pick him up. I don’t know how long it will take them to clear the tree off the power lines. I am hoping that they remove it from the driveways, but I am not positive of that, either. I might need to call someone to clear the rest of the tree from my driveway.





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  1. Oh myyy word…talk about inconvenience! Sorry to hear about this michele. I pray there is no out of pocket from you. Geeze


    • It was a mere inconvenience. Our power company service person cleared the tree from the power lines and had power back on within 30 minutes, and then two neighbors and my son, with the help of that power company person got the tree cleared from the driveways. Just a blip on the radar of the day. So thankful for good neighbors and strong, helpful sons.


  2. That tree was sure broken on the bottom huh? TIMBER!!! I have alot of anxiety with the tree just outside…if it comes down on the house we are in trouble. I have visions of it coming down where randy sits…right on that thick noggin of his.


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