You make me feel disabled. Yes, you.


As a mother of an Aspie, I want to present to you, visitors to my strange, little blog, a blog post that might help you understand the world of the person who is diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. I suspect that I am married to an Aspie as well, but that will remain a mystery as it is a world not to be explored (denial is really unhealthy, folks).

Pensive Aspie


When I think about my Asperger’s, I rarely think of it as a disability.  Most of the time, I don’t feel disabled.  I’m definitely differently abled.  There are weaknesses, but there are strengths too. I choose to focus on my strengths and work on my weaknesses.  Even though I prefer not to look at myself as disabled, there are things that friends, coworkers, and family members do that make me feel disabled and incompetent.

You don’t recognize that my body language is almost incapable of lying.

With practice, I have learned the art of conversation. Time has taught me that people really only want others to agree with them.  I can find a way to avoid hurting your feelings by complimenting your ugly dress without lying when you ask “Don’t you just love it?”  I can reply truthfully “That orange color is so bright and perky!” (Yes. The color…

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  1. I think there are way more aspies than what is thought. I have a nephew that has aspies. Ya know I really relate to him…who knows? I think there are loads of undiagnosed people in the world. Yes they have issues but ill tell you those asperger people are just brilliant…different…but brilliant! They may not be traditional scholars but they dont need to be. Boy ol boy I love my nephew 🙂


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