Early rising — catching sunbeams


“Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”
– Benjamin Franklin

I confess: I am a morning person.

As soon as there is any light coming through the blinds at all, I seem to pop out of bed. That was at 4:37 a.m. this morning.

Most people cringe when I admit that I often awaken at 4:30 a.m. I am most alert early in the morning. Just me and the birds (and cats and dog) to welcome the sun as it rises above the treetops.

In the two hours since I rose, I have studied for 1.5 hours, fed the cats, let everyone out to do their thing (cats and dog), and had two cups of coffee. I also went out on the deck to check on my back yard garden — a habit I developed two years ago when deer discovered the free lunch (or midnight snack).

Back yard garden beds filled with seedlings and the occasional sunlight that sneaks through the tree sentries that guard my yard

Back yard garden beds filled with seedlings and the occasional sunlight that sneaks through the tree sentries that guard my yard

Although sunrise officially occurred at 5:17 a.m. today, hardly any sunlight is reaching my yard at 6:51 a.m. Errant sunbeams are making their way in the kitchen window, splashing across the cabinet I bought in Cedar Park, Texas in 1983 that houses my vintage glassware collection (pitchers, butter dishes, sandwich glass, green depression glass, choppers, tea cups and saucers). One moment they are pointing at an old piece of glass and the next they are gone, ready to appear on the wall by the kitchen table or the windowsill as though they are seeking escape from captivity.

Morning is a quiet, non-stressful, alert time for me. Since I am either alert or in a stupor, the two main states that I maintain with chronic Lyme disease, I feel most alive and able in the morning-time. I am capable of clear thought, at least, for a few hours every day. What a gift!

Oh, and Benjamin, Oh Benjamin, I am neither healthy or wealthy, but I am hopeful that hours of studying every day will help make me wise. Always hoping . . .


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  1. Morning is the best. I don’t consider myself a morning person…not because I don’t get up early, but I just have a difficult time getting going in the morning. I have to get up 2.5 to 3 hours before I need to be somewhere to make sure I get around in time. I would rather drink hot tea and garden in the morning at a slow pace. I think retirement will agree with me. Great post.


    • I definitely like the idea of retirement, too. It is frustrating that the older we get the earlier we tend to awaken. When we can sleep in our bodies won’t let us. You have a long way to go before that point, though.


  2. My body makes me sleep in! I do love getting up early with the coffee going and a newspaper and the radio murmuring. Ah I love that but my body makes me sleep in too late and I go to bed way to late. Being retired I have no schedule so my sleep patterns are erratic. Hell I loose track of days.


  3. Retirement definately is the bombdiggity except for the fact that one ages much faster in body and mind. I hate the wrinkles and lines etc…I hate not having any real brain exercise but I will say…I LOVE IT!!!


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