Kids and real food


I feel so accomplished right now.

I am watching The F—- Word on Hulu (F is for Food), and a commercial for “new and improved” Hot Pockets came on. I looked at my 14-year-old son and said, “We should make some homemade hot pockets.”

He looked at me and said, “Why, when we can make real food?”

I am so proud.

My 21-year-old has been learning about nutrition, probiotics, how the body works, and what foods are truly healthy and which are not. He still likes junk food (though he is trying to quit) but drinks organic herb tea and has a small serving of organic yogurt every day along with cooking and eating real food.

My sons know how to make basic meals using basic ingredients. They know that any food labeled as low fat will have added salt, sugar, MSG or one of its lookalikes, and most likely be high in calories and low in nutritional value. They know the value in eating real, whole food.

I am so proud.


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