Tweeting on Twitter @dippitydo


I did it! I created a Twitter account for this blog. I even figured out how to make the widget in the right menu work.
screenshot twitter
I am working on wrapping my head around Twitter. I think I almost understand what it is and how to use it. If you use Twitter and would like to follow this blog, please do so.

I didn’t get Twitter at all until I read it described as “micro-blogging.” Well, now that makes sense. I understand blogging. And the word “micro” just means tiny or very small. Tiny blog posts. Yes!

I was having a fit trying to figure out my @ designation. Serendipity was taken and SerendipityLife was too long. After a couple of minutes I tried dippitydo and it wasn’t taken. Really? It’s mine now. All mine, my precious…

So if you Tweet or Twitter or whatever, click on “Follow” on the right and you will get very informal updates on issues that I cover on this blog (which means it could be about anything).

Tweet, tweet!!!


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