Connecticut organic garden video tour – part 1


I took my DSLR out to the garden this morning and captured several short videos showing what I am growing this year. Since I have yet to learn how to edit and compile several short videos into one longer one, I uploaded each of the shorts for individual viewing. I highly recommend watching in full-screen mode.

The first few videos were complete failures. What I post below are the ones that are viewable, and two of them were afterthoughts — the narration begins with “And finally…”

Enough apologizing for my amateur videography skills.

Front garden: Oregano, beets, spinach, Amish deer tongue lettuce, Blue Lake bush green beans, bok choy, cherry tomatoes and pickling cucumbers.

Bean teepee planted with black beans

Back garden #1: Heirloom sweet corn, Moskovich tomatoes, garlic, snow peas, Suyo Long cucumbers, dill, Black Beauty zucchini, buckwheat, more snow peas, broccoli volunteer (will be collecting seeds), red leaf lettuce, Romaine lettuce, spinach, red onions, more snow peas.

Terraced bed by driveway: Lemon squash, French breakfast radishes, lettuce, tomato.

Continued on Part 2 . . .


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