Connecticut organic garden video tour – part 2


Continuing the video tour of my Connecticut organic garden where I grow only open-pollinated varieties of vegetables organically. I use raised beds and intensive gardening techniques, no pesticides, make my own compost, and all while struggling with chronic fatigue and pain. My gardens aren’t pretty, but they grow food. This year’s garden went in very late, and will most likely result in a fall harvest for most of what was planted.

Fencing put up to keep deer out of garden is made up of cattle and calf panels supported by a single t-post. These are flexible, affordable, and are easily removed at the end of the season.

Back garden #2

Back garden #3: Over 50 sweet corn plants in a single raised bed

Back garden #4: Spinach, red leaf lettuce, red onions, buckwheat, snow peas, zucchini, broccoli

I hope you enjoyed walking around my garden with me. Please come back any time!


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  1. I really loved the video tour…its fun for the viewer. Its also a great tool when your not feeling well and really dont feel like writing. I will look forward to your next ones michele. Thanks for all you do 🙂


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