One a month: going organic and GMO free


I have begun tweeting about choosing organic food items to replace chemically farmed food items. I challenge everyone to make a permanent change, one item each month.’s #GreenGoesMainstream movement has picked up momentum while shoppers and consumers choose more organic foods.

Buying organic does much more than avoid genetically engineered or genetically modified ingredients, though. Buying organic supports a sustainable farming system that ensures that the soil and the planet stay alive. Instead of spraying life-killing herbicides such as glyphosate (RoundUp) and 2,4-D (which also kill micro-organisms in the soil, not just weeds), organic farmers and growers must follow a strict set of guidelines that keep the soil alive, keep the planet alive, and help keep humans and wildlife alive, including bees and butterflies.

What do you normally buy when you stock your pantry or walk through the grocery store? Do you pick up a few things after work each day? What are your pathing habits through the grocery store? Up and down the aisles or perimeter? Non-GMO shoppers are typically perimeter shoppers. There isn’t much we will buy on those aisle shelves except in the organic section (my grocery store places few organics beside chemically-raised food products).

When I began the switch to GMO-free foods, I discovered that buying organic ensured no GMOs. It was a simple solution to a problem: chemically farmed food ingredients in mainstream food products are not adequately labeled to indicate that they contained GMOs.

Big Food Fights GMO Labeling

The Grocery Manufacturers Association which has this plastered on its .org website (see below), spends millions of dollars to ensure that consumers do NOT know what products contain GMOs every time a state tries to pass a labeling initiative.

Lobbying organization for Big Food wants to tell us the truth about GMOs? I think they want to suppress the truth starting with stopping labeling initiatives.

Lobbying organization for Big Food wants to tell us the truth about GMOs? They pour millions of dollars into campaigns to suppress the truth by stopping labeling initiatives.

The facts about GMOs are just beginning to emerge in spite of an industry that, through its patents, has hindered independent research into the safety and sustainability of growing and consuming genetically engineered or genetically modified crops. Monsanto has controlled published research results on all of its patented GMO seeds and crops until patents began to expire last year. They had the final say on what could be published. How in the world is the truth to emerge from such a system?

Article: AG says more campaign money hidden in I-522 fight. Not only did the GMA and its financers pour money into stopping the GMO labeling initiative in Washington state (and California, Vermont, Connecticut), but they are now being investigated for illegal money laundering activity while doing so. Talk about dirty!

Making the Switch

Making the switch to one organic item a month ensures that the change becomes a habit, one that you can afford. Consumers making small, permanent changes in buying habits can make a huge difference. I have always believed that the real power rests in the buying power of the people.

Buying chemically raised foods supports chemical companies and the poisoning of the land. Buying sustainably-raised, organic foods supports an industry that cares about the land and all that depend on it for their very lives, including the bees, Monarchs, wildlife, and humans.

Make one change a month (or week) to withdraw support for chemically-raised food products and show support for organic farmers and growers. Oh, and don’t forget to go green when you purchase cleaning products (or just use vinegar and baking soda like I do).


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