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Listening to spring, refreshing my soul

Middletown, Connecticut. Spring dandelions.

Middletown, Connecticut. Spring dandelions.

I had just spent an hour scouring online news sites, scrolling through Twitter, clicking and feasting on bad news. I was discouraged. Even worse, darkness threatened to overshadow and overpower joy and light in my soul.

Suddenly, my focus shifted. It was instantaneous and, I dare say, miraculous.

Outside I could hear a bird’s beautiful, clear song to which several others replied. These birds had no idea that ISIS had just invaded another city in Iraq.

I closed my eyes for a moment, and dark reality transformed into something beautiful.

I got up from my desk, opened the nearest window so that I could hear more bird songs sung in celebration of spring, and I stopped to allow the fresh, cool air to touch my face and flood the house.

When I opened that window, I opened my soul to beams of sunlight, dandelions, wild violets and bumble bees, garlic growing in my garden, hummingbirds visiting my bleeding hearts, and the soft verdure of spring leaves that provides a cocoon of privacy not there in wintertime.

The world outside my small piece of property, my small town and my small state (and within) is in conflict, full of hatred, acting and reacting with violence.

The ability to disconnect from all the “stuff” that sucks the light from the world, and my soul, is a gift.

Today, I embraced that gift and my soul was refreshed.