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First snowfall – video


Surprise snowfall this morning in Connecticut, New England, USA. Snow before Halloween is unusual in the southern half of the state. After about two hours it turned to sleet and then rain leaving only small, sheltered reminders of the winter to come.

Note: Video and still photography captured using Canon Rebel T3i. YouTube video put together using YouTube Video Editor which was a complete nightmare. Never again.


Journeys in Connecticut


roadjourneyI am starting a new project this weekend, and I plan to share it with all of you.

I am going to drive around Connecticut (and maybe venture out of the state — doesn’t take much to do that) while recording my adventures in video and still photography.

I needed some equipment, but I’m set to begin today.

Some of my journeys may be very short, to the market and back. Others might be true adventures, heading out and getting lost on back roads.

In all of my years here, I have failed to capture the beauty of fall in New England. This is the perfect time to begin.  You can be leaf peepers from afar.

I will post my first video by next Saturday.