Institute for Responsible Technology – Scientific information genetically engineered crops and their effect on people, health risks, research, etc.

GMO-Free USA – Advocate for yourself, your family and your planet

Non GMO Project – Find non-GMO verified products


Dave’s Garden: Guides and Information

Okay, you will want to bookmark this site. Instant guides on pests, plant IDing, birds, last frost dates, how-to videos, anything and everything to do with gardening.

Seed Savers Exchange: Heirloom Seeds and Plants

Growing and preserving heirlooms is vital to fighting off corporate ownership of our food supply. Seed saving might save the planet someday.

Off the Grid News: Organic Container Gardening

Feature: Chart for how much soil particular vegetable plants require: eg. “Broccoli 2 gallons, 1 plant” and variety recommendations.

Organic Gardening: Handling Transplants

Great information on choosing potting mixes and on how to handle those seedlings.

Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen: How to Start a Compost Pile in 4 Easy Steps

It doesn’t get any easier than this. Just start one. In anything, in a little pile behind the shed. Just start composting.

Mother Earth News: Beginning Gardening

Mother Earth News has articles on everything from building raised beds, to making a greenhouse out of scrap wood and windows. I had a subscription in the 70’s and loved it. It is available free, online anytime. Use this resource. Only downside is that there are few pictures so you must slow down and really read the articles. But you can do that. Right?


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